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Our box - 3 100% mulberry silk scrunchies

Our box - 3 100% mulberry silk scrunchies

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Our box of 3 scrunchies in 100% mulberry silk will be ideal for preserving the hair of tied hairstyles.

Inside the box: 3 sizes of scrunchies: Maxi / Medium / Small

Ideal to adapt to all your hairstyles.

For who ? All people wishing to take care of their hair in all circumstances. You can also wear it as an accessory on your wrist.

Benefits of silk

  • Thermoregulatory: warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not dehydrate the skin
  • Limits hair breakage
  • Avoids the “disheveled” effect when you wake up
  • Does not absorb care
  • Ideal for textured hair to maintain pretty curls and waves

Maintain your pillowcase

Silk requires special maintenance to guarantee its effectiveness over time. We advise you to wash your pillowcase inside out in a small mesh bag provided for this purpose.

Washing temperature: 30° or delicate program on your machine

Drying: flat

Washing frequency: we recommend washing every 3 weeks

Origin of silk

Our silk is grade 3A in 19mm and has Oekotex-100 certification .

Silk is available in various quality grades, the main ones are: A / B / C. Grade A is the highest, it determines a quality of silk with long fibers and without impurities.

19mm corresponds to the unit of measurement for the density of silk, the higher this number, the denser the silk will be. For bed linen, the momme can vary between 12 to 24mm.

Silk sourcing is an important step that guarantees its quality. We are not perfect but we are committed to being 100% transparent throughout the entire supply chain.

Our silk is of Chinese origin, all the first stages of making the material (breeding of silkworms, spinning and weaving) are carried out in China and then dyed in France by a company labeled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant " .


Our pillowcase is made in France in the designer's artisanal workshop. We pay particular attention to the making of each of our products.


Products are manufactured within 3 to 5 working days maximum.

You have the choice between these 2 shipping options at checkout:

  • Collisimo: 2 working days
  • Mondial relay: 3 working days

For shipping by Collisimo, you will receive your pillowcase between 5 to 7 working days and for shipping by Mondial Relay between 6 to 8 working days.

  • The refined night treatment for your beauty and well-being
  • Made In France
  • Refined and reusable packaging
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  • Silk pillowcase

    ✅ Improves sleep quality

    ✅ Anti-wrinkle

    ✅ Anti-friction

    ✅ Anti-bacterial

  • Cotton pillowcase

    ❌ Rougher feel for the skin

    ❌ Absorbs care

    ❌ Cold in winter

    ❌ Hot in summer