Our history

Maison Soia was born from a personal observation, like many people I had a “wonderful” encounter with acne mainly following the confinement period. I felt bad about myself, having acne at the age of 23 is not always easy to deal with on a daily basis.
Creams, zero waste products, routine without products, natural or chemical, I tested many methods but the problem was not resolved.

In 2021, after much research, I discovered silk, this noble and soft material which is full of benefits for the skin and hair: a hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial material, it is also thermoregulatory and protects against dehydration.

Fashion has always been an integral part of my life, all my studies have been in this direction. Lately, I have been feeling less in tune with the current market and the hectic pace in which we live night and day. Coming face to face with a textile material whose characteristics for the beauty sector I did not know was truly love at first sight.

And why not combine my know-how with my history by creating my French artisanal workshop?

Firstly, I wanted to test the pillowcase by sewing it myself. Since March 2022, I have completely fallen in love with it. My skin seemed less attacked and produced less sebum, it was more even. Coupled with a routine adapted to my skin type, I immediately felt the difference.

We frequently talk about "THE perfect product " which will eliminate all problems but the solution lies in each small action that we put in place to achieve our objective. I don't believe in miracle recipes. My pillowcase is part of my beauty routine, it passively acts on the well-being of my skin and my hair.

Many people encounter skin problems, whatever they may be, it is never easy to deal with naturally. Maison Soia is a brand that brings together all my convictions, my desires, my dreams, my needs, my inspirations, it reflects my personality as a whole. I hope that people can discover Maison Soia as I see it, a radiant and unique brand. 🌺