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Our packaging

The choice of zero plastic is an integral part of Maison Soia. All of our packaging is essentially made of cardboard and reusable! We love new ideas to improve again and again, don't hesitate to share them with us on Instagram or here !

Remember to keep your boxes to store your silk products 🧡

Our silk

The choice of silk was a long, tortuous path full of obstacles. Crucial decisions to bring you the best quality/price ratio. From the beginning we have chosen Made In France for the production of products, this involves high costs but doing otherwise was not an option. Concerning the production of silk, it must be of quality so we opted for two choices:

  • First phase of silk production -> China: sericulture / spinning and weaving of silk.
  • Second phase of silk production -> France: cleaning of the silk / color study / dyeing / finishing (finishes that we put on the silk to give it softness, shine and many other possibilities) are done in a French company based near from Roanne.

The dyeing process can remain a problem if it is not governed by strict regulations. Workers must be protected and water treatment essential to prevent the discharge of this water directly into nature. The choice to localize this process in France allows us to ensure a guarantee of transparency and respect at all levels: for employees and for our planet. We can visit our supplier much more easily and offer you the colors of your choice.

The goal is to design a product that suits you 100%.

Transparency is essential today so that you can purchase our products with full awareness of what purchasing a pillowcase from Maison Soia represents.

All this is only the beginning of this adventure, we want to go even further in our commitments and one day be able to offer you 100% Made In France on as many parts as possible with fair prices 😍